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Integrative Medicine is medicine that integrates the therapies of alternative medicine with those practiced by mainstream medical practitioners. SHW’s approach to Integrative Medicine is truly a hybrid technique combining allopathic methods with naturopathy, homeopathy, meditation, and yoga.

Many patients seek Integrative Medicine with one goal in their minds. For example weight loss, hormone balancing, better sleep, better sex, etc. That one concern, often times, is just the tip of the ice berg. While SHW takes care to focus on the patient’s specific concern, there are likely other layers of the patient’s health that need to be addressed, prior to reaching the end goal of optimum health.

Consider this example, a symphony has several sections: brass, wood winds, percussion, string instruments, etc. Each of those sections is further divided into lead parts, supporting parts, etc. Yet, all of those instruments are required to create the harmonic balance and blend in the music. If one section plays too loud or too soft, then there is discord. The same approach exists with Integrative Medicine. The goal is to create balance and blend between the nutrients, hormones, organ systems and detoxification system within the body. Thus leading to a beautiful harmony performed by your own natural Biochemical Symphony.

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